Wednesday, March 2, 2011

7 Sources Of Inovation

Unexpected Success: 1. Apple's ipod revolutionized mp3 players with its better size and battery life.
2. The xbox by microsoft was a milestone in gaming with its updated games and graphics.    
Unexpected Failure: 1. Apple's iTablet
2. Sega's saturn console
Change in Market structure or industries: 1.Ford's Edsel
2.Germany's innovation of the private television.
Changes in incongruity of process: 1. Sony's New handphone walkmans.
2. X-ray
Change of Demographics: 1. Changes in mortality rates.
2. Baby booms.
Change of Perception: 1. Worried about global warming. 
2. Internet has changed our perception of the world.
Due to new knowledge or technology: 1. New better forms of transport 
2. New better ways to communicate