Wednesday, March 2, 2011

7 Sources Of Inovation

Unexpected Success: 1. Apple's ipod revolutionized mp3 players with its better size and battery life.
2. The xbox by microsoft was a milestone in gaming with its updated games and graphics.    
Unexpected Failure: 1. Apple's iTablet
2. Sega's saturn console
Change in Market structure or industries: 1.Ford's Edsel
2.Germany's innovation of the private television.
Changes in incongruity of process: 1. Sony's New handphone walkmans.
2. X-ray
Change of Demographics: 1. Changes in mortality rates.
2. Baby booms.
Change of Perception: 1. Worried about global warming. 
2. Internet has changed our perception of the world.
Due to new knowledge or technology: 1. New better forms of transport 
2. New better ways to communicate

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I&E Force Fitting

1.Utensils themed phone cases with clip on utensils
2.Cooking game, where u attempt to cook food to perfection
3.Handphone holders with spoon and fork men holding phones
4.An app that shows the popular places to eat and provides all information on the stall. Like for example it will show its rating, the prices and the food it sells.
5.An app that detects heat signatures on the food to tell u if it is too hot or cold.
  1. The advantage of the first item is that utensils are always available, and u do not have to worry about using dirty utensils from stalls.
  2. The game helps people to cook real food and take note of the steps and ingredients.
  3. The holder is flexible and can hold the iphone in different positions for different uses.
  4. The app tells people where to go for good food at considerable prices.
  5. The app allows people to test the heat of their food so that they do not burn their tongue or eat cold food(unless it is meant to be cold).
  1. Hard to have a way of cleaning the utensils.
  2. No limitations
  3. Material must be strong enough to hold a phone and still be flexible.
  4. No limitations
  5. The sensor must somehow be incorporated into the camera.
Unique Features:
1. A case which holds utensils.
2. Real food and ingredients. Real factors in cooking.
3. Special material to be used.
4. AGPS enabled
5. Temperature sensor camera.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Challenge Based Learning

EQ-how does water affect me? How does wasting water affect the environment? How can i conserve it?
Challenge-Save as much water as possible
GQ-what am i doing with water?

EQ-what is transportation to me?
Challenge-rely on economic transportation to travel
GQ-what are the kinds of transportation?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011